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November 28, 2004
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HP: -OC- Eldohir + Luin by prongsie HP: -OC- Eldohir + Luin by prongsie
A long time ago (well, not a long, the last year), ~Paddie and I belonged to a Harry Potter RPG in spanish, where there's no HPs characters (no Harry, no Voldemort, nothing of that, well, only The Marauders and of course I was James, ehem another history). She and I create some charas for the RPG and someday we think about create something different, something to be a challenge to play and with elements that we had not used before in some character.

And Luin Aiden and Eldohir of Avallónë were born.

Let me explain some important things about this charas. Prepare to read:

Luin Aiden was Paddie (Ree), he's an hybrid part veela and part wizard. Hufflepuff. Third Grade. Thirteen years.
Eldohir of Avallónë was me (Ady), another hybrid part elf and part wizard. Same ranks as above. And yes, is taller because of his elf blood!

Luin personality is always acting cool in somehow, have charm, a beautiful smile... and I need that Paddie resume much better her chara because I'm lazy and my memory sucks ^^; (please Paddie, post the bio of Luin into your DA!).

Eldohir is one of my most beloved characters, he obtain his history and personality by his own, is like I was only the instrument to bring the life to him, that's a wonderful feeling really.
He always have a melancholic smile trying to be always glad (but isn't truth), speaks and acts as an adult and doesn't know it. Always uses metaphors. His father is an elf of high level, his mother is a witch working with Magic Creatures. Result of a love prohibited between two different worlds that couldn't be together. Oh yeah, Eldohir's mother hate him. He doesn't believe in love because nobody has tell/show to him what means.

I'll post later his bio/info because he have more things.

Luin and Eldohir become friends forming a hard friendship and little by little is becoming in... well, that we left it for later because Ree and I we were still working in it.

Another thing, Eldohir before arriving at Hogwarts chooses to be mortal (if you know about elves, you'll understand), that's the reason of one of his quotes that I put in this draw.

Considering that to play both characters we use photos of real people (an actor and a singer, you'll never imagine who, tehee!) it's the first time that I draw'em. I really like how they look (Luin's hair is a pain to do! He have the rebel/clean style).

Paddie and I we love so much this characters that we planned to continue the history! I'm really happy with this!!

Harry Potter © JKRowling.
Luin Aiden © Ree.
Eldohir of Avallónë © Me.
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TheHufflepuffPride Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007
Awesome characters!
seiizuki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006
such handsome characters you have. XD and i love the names~ keep it up~!
betsyamparan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2004  Professional General Artist
Lindos niños, lindos pelos, lindos ojos :D
Flareness Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004
*glomps them* =3 nya!! they're so cute! specially the one with the pointy ears, meow!! :heart: i'm clueless of who's who, sue me (no, don't). *pets prongsie* good job!

prongsie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004  Student Digital Artist
Yeyness, arigato ne Flare-chan!! :dance:

The pointy ears boy is my character Eldohir :D the blondie is Luin!
Flareness Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004
ahhh! =3 meow! you're welcomed! they're just soo kyute!

Paddie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004  Professional General Artist
And I wrote "thinks to think on" instead "things to think on" duh... but anyways.
Rooooger, estaba pensando en hacer unos cuantos, ya sabes, también se necesita lo primerito y yah they're something like what you're thinking on, Engelen >;P~ claro que como dijo Akarisan, Eldo es como que "el difícil" rawr.

Me voy me voy me fuí, estoy traumas porque veo DA todo gay con las tablas deshechas y stuff @-@; inche pollo guayabo, cállese y ya únase al fanatismo HarryPé XD
Juxwell Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004
i like their hair
prongsie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004  Student Digital Artist
Thankies!! Me too :P I love draw hairs :D
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